Christian rights are enshrined in Canada’s Constitution with freedom of religion, freedom to speak and equality under the law. However, Christians are losing democratic rights in Canada. We are being oppressed by the government, and threatened with penalties for expressing our views.

Canada Revenue Agency intimidates pastors if we participate in democracy and support or oppose a candidate or a political party. The result is ongoing erosion of rights and freedoms for Christians.

The History in
Western Society

This oppression began with the Johnson Amendment in 1954 and Canada quickly followed suit. The government then banned the bible in schools, disallowed prayer and redefined marriage. Pastors were muzzled under duress of losing charitable status. The result is an oppressed church that was reduced from 65% of the population to 25% in America and 9% in Canada.

The newly elected American government; the President, Senate and Congress, has rescinded the Johnston Amendment by executive order and plans to pass full legislation to guarantee liberty for pastors to preach freedom from all forms of oppression, spiritual, financial and governmental. We must do the same in Canada.

The Solution
in Canada

The goal is to rally 3,000 pastors in Canada to rise up and fight for freedom, equality and democracy. God will surely hear our prayers and lead us to victory.

Some say it is impossible but God specializes in the impossible. Let us stand shoulder to shoulder, pray to the living God, and stand to protect rights and freedoms for all.

If not you, who? If not now, when?

Is Freedom Possible?

Canada is currently governed by a Liberal party that
was elected by running on a platform promising to
“allow charities to do their work on behalf of Canadians,
free from political harassment.” The Conservative
opposition supports the same. With both sides in
agreement, we should be able to pass legislation
to protect freedom.

Liberal Party Platform:

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